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St. Mary Academy - Bay View is a completely independent, Catholic college serving a diverse inhabitants of girls from preschool through mark twelve.

From inside the practice associated with siblings of Mercy, we cultivate academic superiority in an innovative and creative discovering environment. We have been convinced of empowering each pupil becoming a confident, unbiased, caring and socially mindful young woman which entirely resides the woman trust.

Exactly Why Compartment Point Of View?

  • Who We Are
  • The Standards
  • Precisely What Designs Us Apart
  • In Which You Result From
  • The Reason Why All-Girls

Exactly Who We Are

St. Mary Academy - compartment thought was conceptualized by Religious siblings of compassion in 1874. Bay View’s campus is located in Riverside, Rhode Island, five miles east associated with condition Capitol developing. Center and upper-school children tends to be selected on such basis as a rigorous entranceway assessment plus superior scholastic accomplishment.

College students are actually attracted from towns and cities and communities throughout Rhode area, Southeastern Massachusetts and Northeastern Ct. The Academy furthermore enrolls intercontinental youngsters through various worldwide organizations, offering both dormitory and coordinate families casing.

Gulf viewpoint greets and understands town enrichment that ethnical, cultural and religious variety give.

Our Principles

We all help and actively put into practice the subsequent compassion ideals:

  • Sympathy and services
  • Tutorial quality
  • Worries for women and ladies factors
  • Global dream and obligation
  • Religious development and growth
  • Relationship

What Set United States Apart

St. Linda Academy - compartment View is one academy homes three schools - bottom University, secondary school and upper-school. All three institutes show perhaps the most common purpose:

Inside traditions regarding the Sisters of compassion, most of us foster educational superiority in an innovative and creative reading ambiance in order to really authorize each student, from preschool through level twelve, to become a comfortable, unbiased, loving and socially aware young woman which fully life the girl faith.

This quest is actually accomplished in developmentally proper steps throughout the three grade, and tend to be aiimed at girls. how they read, carry out, raise, link and thrive. Lesser college (Preschool through mark 5), secondary school (score 6-8), and Upper School (marks 9-12).

The course, like the purpose, lies in an all-academy approach. Each matter region, from medicine and mathematics to world languages, executing artwork and actual training, is actually incorporated beginning at the age of three and moves along until all of our students graduate through the upper-school.

Where All Of Us Sourced From

Started as St. Linda's Seminary in eastern Providence, RI because siblings of compassion escort services in Lakeland in 1874, St. Martha Academy - gulf see set about and goes on as a personal college for young women. Even now, the Sisters of Mercy continuously mentor compartment see as a Catholic, all-girls Academy. The target on single-sex training is actually rooted in the assumption of Catherine McAuley, foundress on the siblings of compassion, that:

"there's nothing a whole lot more beneficial into excellent of culture versus education of ladies."

Exactly Why All-Girls

The answer is quick; all-girls' education instill self-esteem, foster educational quality, boost goals, and urge wedding when you look at the class and extracurricular recreation. *Girls participating in all-girls institutes may need an event that allows their reading than are girls studying at coed schooling (separate and community). For example, students at all-girls educational institutions report:

  • Top Aspirations and Greater Reasons
  • Challenged to quickly attain Most
  • Earnestly Focused On Learning
  • Prepared for the Outside World
  • Comfy Staying and Term Themselves
  • Better Gains in Academic and Being Methods

*Highlights extracted from “Steeped in mastering: a student feel at All-Girls facilities,” a thorough document ready for NCGS.


St. Martha Academy - compartment point of view are a member business for the compassion Education program regarding the Americas, a sponsored ministry associated with siblings of compassion. Available since 1874, compartment View opportunities to give you an excellent studies getting ready models and women the obstacles of worldwide neighborhood.

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